25 random facts about me

Hello everyone! How are you doing, what are you up to? Hope October is going fine for everyone so far. My schedule has been going crazy and this is why I have not posted anything in a while. I decided I'd post every Sunday since it is the only day of the week I stay… Continue reading 25 random facts about me


20 uplifting quotes

  Hello lovely people! As I feel like this week has gone legit crazy and I am currently so tired and I believe everyone could use a little motivation, I decided to share with you my favourite quotes. I love quotes so much they're like happiness summed up in a couple of lines. Where you… Continue reading 20 uplifting quotes

New ballet teacher | Injury update

The amount of happiness going through my heart right now is something that cannot be measured. I had my very first ballet class after 5 months yesterday. And by that I do not mean holding the back of my couch and making up my own combos. I mean like a real proper class, in a… Continue reading New ballet teacher | Injury update

Snippets of my weekend

Hello everyone! I didn't post that much this week because I've been going crazy with school and ballet and gym and everything plus I've been sick for a couple of days. Tomorrow is a big day because I am going to my new dance school for the very first time and I am for sure… Continue reading Snippets of my weekend

Learning to love change

Hello lovely people! Since September is coming to an end I felt like doing a post about this month that has just been soooo crazy. I literally cannot believe how many things have changed in just one month.  It is only now that I realise that every single day something - even a tiny thing-… Continue reading Learning to love change

The moments you have to be alone

Hello everyone! How are you doing, what are you up to? Today I just felt the need to say something that just seems important to me. Unfortunately I always care about what others will say. Sometimes it is like I am scared to do things because someone is going to make a bad comment about… Continue reading The moments you have to be alone

New beginnings

Hello lovely people! Today it is Sunday, which is currently my favourite day of the week for some reason. The thing is, it is not just any kind of Sunday, as it is the last one that I have to stay away from ballet class. Yes, after 5 months! Tomorrow I start again maybe not… Continue reading New beginnings